Horror Experience ‘Afterlife VR’ haunts Steam Early Access on 13 May

Virtual reality developer Split Light Studio is ready to take the plunge with its next game, Afterlife VR. Coming to Steam Early Access on May 13, players can dive into a new level of close and personal madness with Afterlife VR. The new horror title will remain in early access for a few months before being fully launched later this year.

Split Light Studio welcomes players to Afterlife VR’s World of Terror

If you were to infuse Holds out with quiet hillyou get The afterlife and virtual reality. Players located in and around the Black Rose Mental Hospital take on the role of Police Officer Adam Bernhard. It’s just another patrol through the streets until he receives a strange phone call that takes him to the hospital. We can only imagine what is hiding behind the closed doors. This is a job for a brave officer.

Afterlife VR is a completely immersive experience that invites you to solve puzzles while averting enemies. Adam clearly uses a firearm in this narrative, but he also possesses psychokinetic powers that he uses in both puzzles and combat. The patients in Black Rose can be extremely dangerous to deal with; it is up to you how you approach these unrelated topics. To get a really good taste of what Afterlife VR can offer, so check out the official trailer right here. Expect to see some creepy scenes, but nothing too much on the disturbance side.

Afterlife VR will be launched on Steam Early Access on May 13, 2022. Split Light Studio intends to host the early access phase for about 1 to 2 months. With that in mind, the game apparently comes at full speed. The early months of access will include all the environmental puzzles, a completed combat system and a mastered sound design. Upon full release, Afterlife VR comes with German, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian versions for international players. In addition, the ghost’s mechanics will have a touch-up, as well as implemented suggestions from players.

Afterlife VR by Split Light Studio

Be sure to visit the Steam page too Afterlife VR to add the title to your wishlist. And if you’re looking forward to this horror title from Split Light Studio, let us know in the comments!

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